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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Newspaper all

 Here you have been given the link of the website of various news papers of Gujarat, so here you can read the news published daily by those news papers from one place, so please all friends, save your gender, every morning, open this link and all the news of Gujarat.  You can read different papers from this link now you don't have to open different links every day thanks to all friends.


તમારે જે ન્યુઝ પેપર વાંચવુ હોય તેના નામ પર ક્લિક કરો એટલે આજનું તે ન્યૂઝપેપર વાંચી શકાશે.

 The website link of various important news papers of Gujarat should be kept forever in one place only. Friends who are fond of reading newspapers in the morning, if tea bullet has arrived at your house or if you don't want to withdraw your desire during the corona epidemic, then it is better to read online news.  Newspapers are placed here for easy access, by clicking on the name of the news you want to read, you can directly read it in your mobile.

 To read various types of news from the state of Gujarat in one place, along with the news of North Gujarat and Central Gujarat and Ahmedabad as well as Kutch all

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