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Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Easy Area: Land Area Measure Application

Now you can calculate your land on your phone within a second. Map land calculator app can helps you to calculate your land on your mobile. So for that you have no need to go anywhere, just download this map land calculator and get to know about your land area. With land measurement software you can do area measurement & distance measurement. Now calculate land accurately with land measurement calculator.

Easy Area: Land Area Measure Application

Easiest Area calculator for measuring land area & distance of GPS maps, photos. Easy Area is an area calculator app for measuring Land Area, distance and perimeters on Map or Images in the easiest way. There is an inbuilt Unit Converter for measuring areas and distances in various Indian Land Units.

You can search the location of your land/field or can find Current location and place border of the region for which area or distance has to be calculated. In the maps, you can find the area with zero knowledge of any propare land measurements. Simply create a rough sketch and put the measured lengths for boundaries to get the area calculated at real time. 

Mark at least two points or multiple points to measure distance of area between all points. Now does measure land with land measurement app. Land measuring app let your measure area free. This land surveying app is a latest area measure tool. GPS are measure do land course with area calculator. If you don’t know how to find area or you want to find land record. Just install this land survey app free.

જમીન, જગ્યાની માપણી કરવા માટે

Install Application 1

Application 2

You can input land border measurements manually. Tap on the distance label of any line to manually change the length of that line. Currently available only while measuring on photos.

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