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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

New Guidelines Gujarat Government Application

Corona guideline summaries of the major primary and shared care guidelines in the UK. FREE to UK registered healthcare professionals thanks to sponsorship.

Up to date content from the Guidelines handbook plus additional summaries from and

New Guidelines Gujarat Government

Fully searchable. Receive notifications of new and updated summaries. Works offline so that your summaries are always available. Bookmark feature to keep track of your favourite summaries. Notes feature to annotate relevant summaries.

The ESC Pocket Guidelines app also contains numerous interactive tools, i.e. algorithms, calculators, scores and clinical decision support (CDS) tools. CDS tools are software instruments that guide physicians step-by-step through fulfilling guideline recommendations in specific patient cases.

The ESC Pocket Guidelines App also provides dedicated folders for easy access to ESC Summary Cards and Essential Messages.

With the Corona case on the rise in Gujarat, the state government has announced new guidelines for weddings and gatherings. You can also use guidelines application. 

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