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Saturday, November 6, 2021

Proximity Screenshot Capture Free Android Application

Proximity Screenshot Capture: Now you can capture the phone screen in several apps such as games, wallpapers or any type of apps or videos. If you tired of pressing a power-volume key every time to take a screenshot then this app can help to capture/take a screenshot without press any button or key. So let's see how it's work

Proximity Screenshot Capture Free Android

This app have some disadvantes like Can't take a screenshot while mobile in the pocket. Can't take a screenshot on incoming or outgoing call. Works perfectly even on non-root devices. Improve the best performance. Fast startup and quick response. Can't take a screenshot when the device is not in use and screen is off.

With this app you can Captures the phone screen by touch only. This app does not require rooting or any special permission. 

This screen shots capture is Easy-to-Use Operation and Clear Design for user experience. You can Captures high-res screenshots just by tapping the proximity sensor of your phone.

Install Application Here

Must try this Screen shots capture application and share your review in comment box and also on app review section on play store. 

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