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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

1 to 5 School Opening Latest News

After the cabinet meeting, Jitu Waghan gave information about primary school, rural development yatra, Niramaya Yojana and other discussed decisions.

1 to 5 School Opening Latest News

Even though the Diwali vacation is going on in the schools now, the schools of primary standard 1 to 5 have been closed since the beginning of Koro period.  He said that the environment is conducive for the commencement of Std. 1 to 5 schools, the environment has become better, it has to be made better.

Education Minister Jitu Waghan's big statement. The environment is conducive for starting standard 1 to 5 schools. The atmosphere has become better and better. 

After the start of the new academic year on June 7 in the schools of the state (Gujarat), the first semester was mostly online education.  cases have been reduced by the government. 9 to 12 and then Std.  Classes 6 to 8 were started.  However, offline education has not been started in Std. 1 to 5 classes in schools yet. Now the Education Minister Jitu Vaghani has given good news about this. He said that offline education will be started soon.

5.27 lakh people were screened in a week and laboratory tests of 20,000 people were done.  Cambridge Uni Giving information about the MOU signed with him, he said that the school has signed an agreement with Cambridge for education and now the education system will be made more neat.

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