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Monday, October 26, 2020

How can I get an Amazon franchise in my district?

How can I get an Amazon franchise in my district?

The answer is for the people...

  • Who already has a small but beehive shop. (Excellent!)
  • Who has a very big blazing cannon (oh sorry shop)? (Kya Baat hai!)
  • Those who have extra retail shops are also closed. (No problem!)
  • Who has a big looking shop, but 'Gharaki Baw Thandi'. (Never mind!)
  • Those who do not have a shop, but their business space is vacant. (Mini Godown UK)
  • Those who do not have a shop, but the rented space is like that to them. (Good!)
  • Those who don't even have a shop, don't have spare space. Also has his own car. (I'm a two-wheeler!) And
  • Those who don't have anything like the above want to earn extra from their 'smartness'. (Aha! Yeh hui na baat!)

For all that, Amazon India has announced to earn money (especially in the upcoming festival season) without blowing the bugle under the 'I have space' program.

Their contact number on the contact number mentioned in it will give you a little training after confirming everything based on your eligibility and will teach you how to operate in Amazon's online delivery system.

Customers will now be able to pick-up parcels from your shop after placing an order from Amazon (no need to take direct delivery to their home for any reason) from an area of   5 km around you.

In addition, if there are customers who do not want a delivery man to be there, you can be entrusted with the task of delivery. If possible you can deliver the parcel on foot or in your own vehicle.

Now the question is how much will be earned in this? (What is my percentage in this?) - So Amazon will be able to tell you at the time of training and registration (according to the location).

Special Warning-1: Even those who have been sitting for a while will be able to have tea, water, snacks and sweets in one day in this work ... Guaranteed)!)

Special Warning-2: After reading this post, you can go back to sleep as per your habit.)

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