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Friday, June 12, 2020

Warning case: A young man and a young woman fell in love while playing a pubji game.

Nowadays Pubji game is a hot favorite game among the youth, the huge craze of online game is being seen among the youngsters, once again a warning case has come up in Ahmedabad for those who play Pubji. The press relationship went so far that the young man even demanded to have sex with the young woman.

Knowing the demand of the young man, the young woman was shocked and blocked the young man. He was upset when the young man was blocked and his Facebook account was hacked out of revenge. The girl begged the young man not to tamper with the account, but the young man refused. He demanded Rs 50,000 from the girl to return her Facebook account. The incident was eventually registered at Sola police station and Sola police have registered a case and are conducting further investigations.

According to the information received about the incident, a young woman living in Sola area of ​​Ahmedabad has lodged a complaint that she came in contact with a man named Jitendra while playing a PUBG game. And since this young man was a friend of his friend, mobile number was exchanged between the two and there were also conversations. However, after a while, this friendship developed into a love affair. But the girl did not have any contact with him and stopped talking as soon as the young man made obscene remarks to the girl.

After a while, the girl went to open her Facebook account, but it did not open. So he found the number of the accused going into the forgotten password. So the girl informed her brother about the whole matter and asked the accused for the passwords of both the IDs.

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However, when the accused demanded Rs 50,000, the complainant finally informed the police. Currently, the police have registered a complaint and started further investigation into the whole matter.

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