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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Triple accident on Kotharia Road in Rajkot, 1 Jivadaya lover killed in the incident

A triple accident had taken place in Rajkot. The utility's tire came off and it hit a Honda bike going on the road. Both the utility and Honda then collided with the oncoming dumper. The biker, who was crushed between the utility and the dumper, died on the spot. Upon learning of the incident, a police convoy rushed to the spot. Police have registered a case of accident and moved the body of the biker for postmortem.

According to the report, a triple accident took place on Kotharia Road in Rajkot, in which Suresh Karta, a resident of Kiran Society on Kotharia Road in Rajkot and involved in life-saving work for years, was killed.

Sureshbhai was going to Rajkot to fill the water tanks of the birds placed at different places as per his daily routine. At that time, a utility tire coming from behind Sureshbhai's bike came out and it hit Sureshbhai's bike and then Sureshbhai's bike collided with the dumper in front. In this triple accident Sureshbhai and his bike were crushed between the dumper and the utility.

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The accident was so serious, the utility rammed into the back of the tempo and the bike utility was crushed down. People rushed to the spot on learning of the incident. People tried to get Sureshbhai out, who was trapped between the utility and the dumper. Sureshbhai died on the spot due to serious injuries sustained in the accident. Police rushed to the spot on learning of the accident. After investigating the spot, the police have registered a case of accident and shifted the body of Jeevadaya lover Suresh Karta to the hospital for postmortem. For the last few years, Jeevadaya lover Suresh has been serving water-filled birds in watering cans placed on Kotharia Road and bridges.

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