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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

This is called Rabne Bana Di Jodi, the bride of the 3-foot groom found in the lockdown

Even in the lockdown there were marriages that didn’t stop. Even nature can't stop matching some people. Nature is with them too. Many were married over video calls.

Then came the news of a marriage in which 25-year-old Feroz and 22-year-old Jaunab got married. Importantly, both have a height of 3 feet.

-Unique wedding story

-3 feet bride and groom

Only 50 people got married

According to the lockdown rule, only 50 people attended the wedding. 25 people came from boys and 25 people from girls. Social distance was also taken into consideration.

Feroz is an actor

The groom who gets married at the wedding is an actor. Feroze works in Malayalam films. Once he went there to his friend. His friend's wife was looking for a boy for his sister. The girl's height was also only 3 feet. The marriage of Feroze and Zainab was decided.

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Feroze's father is very happy with this marriage. He never expected to find a perfect match for Feroze. She is very happy with this marriage. He is thanking Allah.

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