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Friday, June 12, 2020

Thermal cameras installed at Surat railway station, if the temperature of a passenger is more than 97 degrees, the buzzer will sound

Surat. The railway station has now started conducting thermal screening of passengers with thermal cameras instead of manually. Screens have also been fitted at Surat railway station. The body temperature of the person passing through the camera can also be known. Simultaneously measuring the body temperature of 15 people is displayed on the screen by the camera. With the new system, railway employees and passengers will now be able to maintain a certain distance and there will be no risk of infection during manual screening. The functioning of this system is such that as the thermal screening of the passenger's body is done, the temperature statistics are also displayed and if the temperature of a passenger is found to be more than 97 degrees, the buzzer starts beating immediately. So that the railway employees can get the instruction. 600 passengers were screened on Thursday.

Passengers will be segregated if the temperature appears higher

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In the new screening system, if a passenger's temperature is found to be above 97 degrees, the person will be separated from others and sent for a medical examination. Surat Railway Station Director CR Garuda said the new system has been operational since Thursday and is working smoothly so far. It may be mentioned that in addition to Surat railway station of Mumbai division, this system has been made operational at Mumbai Central and Bandra terminus railway stations.

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