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Saturday, June 20, 2020

The oil spilled in China's stomach caused the Indian Army to build a bridge over the Galvan River, tweaking China.

Army engineers have completed the construction of a 60-meter-long bridge in the Galvan Valley in eastern Ladakh that China wanted to stop. With this bridge over the Galvan River, India's position in the sensitive area has become very strong. With the help of this bridge, soldiers can now cross the river by vehicles and protect the 255 km long strategic DBO road. The road goes from Darbuk to the last outpost of India at Daulat Bagh Oldi near Karakoram. Senior officials have given this information. China is also concerned about the bridge, which was built by Indian Army engineers. This is also believed to be one of the reasons why so many of its troops came to the LAC in May. The Chinese troops did not want to allow India to build the bridge because they knew that the bridge could strengthen India's position in these areas.

Army engineers completed the task amidst the obstruction of Chinese troops

The bridge was ready on Thursday night, a senior government official said. It also shows that the formation engineers at the border are engaged in strengthening the infrastructure and the P.L.A. Despite all efforts to stop the work by the Border Road Organization will continue. The four-arched bridge is built three kilometers east of the confluence of the Shyok and Galwan rivers. The patrolling point is 14 to 2 kilometers east. Patrol Point 14 is the site of a violent clash between the two armies on June 15. It is close to the Y junction, where the Galvan canal meets the main river. There is an Indian Army base camp at the confluence of the two rivers. Which is 120 km. Called Camp, which is close to DSDBO Road.

China wants to reduce India's claim to Shyok river

"We continued to work on the bridge despite the tension and continued to work despite the violent clashes on June 15," a senior army official said. China is now exaggerating its claim over the entire Galvan Valley, seeking to reduce India's claim to the Shyok River. If that happened then the DSDBO could cut the road in a state of war. This will give him a chance to open the way for Pakistan from Murgo. This is the last Indian village before BDO

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The bridge over the Galwan River will prove to be very important for our army

Built on a concrete pillar, this Belly Bridge will prove to be very effective for India in the coming and going of troops and is considered important for the protection of India's strategic-strategic interests. Indian Army vehicles can now easily cross the Galwan River. The answers to the more aggressive position of the PLA-Chinese army would be a good military option for the Indian army. So far only Footbridge lived there. Now the Indian Army will be able to go easily with vehicles.

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