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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The government is not yet in the mood to give the green light to the important news of the 143rd Rath Yatra

Corona virus is still prevalent in Gujarat. In the midst of this epidemic, the scourge of the deadly corona is still there. In which important news has come up regarding the 143rd Rathyatra in Ahmedabad city. The state government has not yet approved the rathyatra. Due to the transition to Corona, the state government today made it clear that no decision has yet been taken on the removal of the rathyatra. Minister of State for Home Affairs Pradipsinh Jadeja gave the information at the end of the cabinet meeting. He said it is difficult to maintain social distance in a rathyatra.

Prime Minister Pradip Singh Jadeja gave information at the end of the cabinet seat

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The Rathlare which originates from the route, there were sixteen patients in the last days. So the containement zone in this area has also been a containment zone. The state government is not seen in the risk of increasing the creation of the cores, due to the rath. The government is still not in the mood of charity to give a green signal to the chariot, because the government is not yet in the mood of the chariot. Pradip Singh also clearly said that there will be a surveillance decision to keep the portrait or not to keep the situation in Corona's status.

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