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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Surat's Angadiya firm raises Rs 400 crore, all offices closed for last three days

The Angadiya firm's office in Mumbai's BKC and Surat's Bhavani Vad, popularly known as Mango Nickname, has not been open for three days, sparking heated discussions in the market. The Angadiya firm has reportedly raised Rs 350 crore to Rs 400 crore. So the parcels of the diamond industry are also stuck. As the goods of the diamond industry come through this generation, the situation is similar to that of the diamond industry when it collapsed.

The diamond industry has been rocked by speculation that Surat's years-old Angadiya firm has risen. It is learned that the Angadiya firm in Bhavani Wad area of ​​Surat has risen up and people have gathered at the office of the firm spread by airwaves.

According to the ongoing discussion in the diamond industry, the Angadiya firm has raised Rs 1,000 crore. It is believed to be the oldest Angadiya firm. The firm's offices in other cities, including Surat, are being locked. It is learned that the managers of Angadiya firm have gone underground. There is talk that the big heads involved in the diamond industry of the city have lost their money.

The Angadiya firm was in turmoil at the time of the bankruptcies. Creditors at the time were forced to settle at 40 to 45 percent. Such discussions have started even today. However the picture is not yet clear. Some believe that the Angadiya firm has suffered a loss by investing in a company that has lost its raw diamonds.

When the diamond market slumped due to the lockdown, the markets opened at Rs. The Rs 35 crore hike saw a flurry of traders. For the last two months, when people have been sitting idle, the diamond market has been hit hard.

  • Rise in Surat diamond market

  • Mumbai diamond market trader rises to Rs 35 crore

  • Rupees of 30 traders of the city stuck

While corona is blowing all over the world including Gujarat, bad news has also come up in Gujarat. The diamond market has risen with the opening of the markets. A Jain trader has made a splash in the Mumbai diamond market. Traders are trapped in the rising diamond market. The trader has raised Rs 35 crore. Rupees of 30 traders of Surat are stuck. The impact of the uprising will be felt in the diamond industry.

Corona's howl

Corona virus is still rampant in the state. A further 510 positive cases of corona have been reported in the state in the last 24 hours. While 34 people have been killed. So in the last 24 hours 370 patients from Corona have been discharged from the hospital. Thus, the total number of positive cases of corona in the state has reached 21 thousand 554. So far a total of 1437 people have died due to corona.

Out of 510 cases reported in the last 24 hours, Ahmedabad is in the worst condition. In the last 24 hours, 343 new cases have been reported in Ahmedabad. In Surendranagar, 4-4 cases have come positive. The total number of active cases of corona in the state at present is 5 thousand 464. Of which 69 patients are on a ventilator. So the condition of 5395 patients is stable.

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