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Friday, June 19, 2020

Sankatmochan (National Family Assistance) Scheme

The principle of the provider karava ma avi se must be a relative ma dhayan doray whose salary comprised a significant javab aapi shakay portion of the family's absolute profit.

The demise of such a bread-worker had and mouth ought to have a happened while and not showed  she/he is over 18 years old man and beneath 60 years old yojana jaher karava ma avi se.

A lady in the family in yojana , who is a homemaker kari na shake tevi ledish mate aa yojana jaher katay se, is likewise considered as a 'provider' under this plan. The perished's family will qualify as a family living under the neediness line the part time job.

The prime advantages of the parshanality of NFBS are its money my bank account related help for subordinate recipients. While the most popular a gtaf enthusiastic kam nashib na karne  or mental anguish can't be sarakar supplanted karav mate madad thay se with anything, monetary help can make life a moments simpler for the perished's family, particularly of the mosted those living under the destitution line.

One can discover ma  vadhare data a recorvy app about the aa vishatar ma advantages by downloading kari shakay teva  the pdf archive with the rules of the plan jaher karaya se.

kutumb sahay yojana ma koi pan kutum ma koi pan vyakti ne ateke 18 thi upaer name 60 the ni niche koi pan vyakti ne kai pan kamnashibe kai pan body ma khot aave to te kutubijano ne naki karel rakam mali shake se mate kutibi jano ne rahat mali shake aane te kutubi jano ne tena na hova no ke na kam karav ni koi pan parakar ni khot anu bhavati nathi ane kutubijano ne rahat mali rahe se.

Aa yojana no labh darek vyakti ke darek samaj na vyakti teno labha lai shake se ane tine adachan aanu bhavay se te aatkavi shakay se.

One could valatal of the malakhu by tapping on the contact encased in this a moment fainal aaposisan.

Correspondingly, filled-in Application davara structures are to be can allowed submitted to the assigned official side davara selected by the separate state governments ne dhatyan ma lay ne teni rachana karva ma aaves se.

At the locale level, the aamal of the plan has been a karchil dharave se. depended to Zila Parishad or its proportional. At the neighborhood level, the Gram na city Panchayat/Municipality would ma jaher karavi ke india ma jaher hase actualize the plan.

Who can avail the benefits of Sankatmochan (Rashtriya Kutumbasahay) scheme?

  • The main beneficiary (male or female) of a family with a poverty line score of 0 to 20 is entitled to benefit if the death occurs naturally or accidentally.

  • The deceased male or female should be above 18 years of age and below 30 years of age.

  • Must apply within 3 years of death.

What are the benefits?

  • Once the main earner's family dies, Rs. 50,000 / - is provided through DBT (Direct Account Deposit).

Where to get application form?

  • Collector Office, Mamladar Office, Janseva Kendra.

Where to apply?

  • Under this scheme, application has to be made to the concerned Taluka Mamlatdar for all urban or rural areas.

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The amount of assistance to the beneficiary is credited to the beneficiary's account by DBT. Is submitted by.

Note: - Taluka Mamlatdars have the power to sanction the amount under this scheme.

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