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Monday, June 15, 2020

Richter Scale / Do you know why earthquakes occur and how their intensity is measured?

The tremors were felt in Gujarat on Sunday night. Its epicenter is reported near Kutch. At that time, earthquakes have been felt in many areas of the state including Ahmedabad and Rajkot. Do you know why earthquakes occur and how their magnitude is measured?

Earthquake tremors have been felt all over Gujarat. The quake measured 5.5 on the Richter scale. As soon as the quake hit, there was an atmosphere of fear among the people and people rushed out of their homes and offices. The epicenter was reported at 10 km near Bhachau in Kutch. The quake affected many parts of the country, including Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Kutch. Which made people scared. They immediately ran out of the house

Why do earthquakes happen?

Since we are accustomed to living on a very stable earth, when the earth begins to tremble, the mind flutters like a frightened dove. Then the question often arises, why do earthquakes happen? Some know, some have incomplete information. Understand in simple language in today's EK Vaat Kau video how an earthquake comes and how it is measured.

How is the magnitude of an earthquake measured?

7.9 Richter scale earthquakes cause buildings to collapse. Normal tremors occur when a 2.9 Richter scale earthquake occurs. When a catastrophe occurs at a magnitude of 9. We show how strong an earthquake can be and how it can be affected.

0 to 2 Richter scale: The effect of this earthquake is less. The shock is not felt. Can only be known from a seismograph.

2 to 2.9 Richter scale: This earthquake is a general shock. There is little effect.

3 to 3.9 Richter scale: Fans and chandeliers start to shake when this earthquake strikes. Such a shock causes things to fall apart. It feels like a truck has passed by you.

4 to 4.9 Richter scale: This earthquake is a warning sign. There may be cracks in the walls. Raw houses fall down. The windows may break. Items hanging on the walls can fall down.

5 to 5.9 Richter scale: This earthquake proves to be dangerous. The furniture starts to move from its place. More damage occurs. Moving furniture can also cause minor to major injuries.

6 to 6.9 Richter scale: This earthquake is considered very dangerous. This shock makes more raw buildings fall. So that there is more loss of life and property. The upper floors of buildings can be damaged. Cracks can form in buildings.

7 to 7.9 Richter scale: Buildings can collapse in the event of an earthquake. The underground pipe ruptures. The quake has wreaked havoc. Such an earthquake occurred in Bhuj in the year 2001 in Gujarat. And came to Nepal in the year 2015. The quake was devastating.

8 to 8.9 Richter scale: This earthquake causes complete destruction. Bridges including buildings collapse.

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Richter scale of 9 and above: This earthquake can cause complete destruction. If someone is standing in the field, he can be seen floating on the ground. If you are near the sea, a tsunami will come. Richter in earthquakes are 10 times more dangerous than on any scale.

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