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Friday, June 19, 2020

Khedut Akasmat Vima Sahay Yojan (Farmers Accidental Insurance Scheme)

Khedut Akasmat Vima Sahay Yojan Ma koi karane sar ke aaksmat na karane koi pan aang ne aapangta aave to te vyakti aadhava to temna kutubne 2 Lakh rupiya ni shahay malava patra se.

Tena aamuk niyano aapva ma aavya se ke kone kone aa shahay no labh malse ke kone kone Apang thay to tene 2Lakh rupiya ni shahay malse teni sampurn mahiti niche mujab aapva ma aavise.

Tema ghana loko ne labh pan maliyo se ane ghana loko ne aa labh malava nu chalu pan thai gayu se.

Some of my disciples of Gurudevji are also Seth of the town of 'Talwandi Bhaini'. His relative is an elderly man on Friday

Vagvo - avoids giving. Replaces the terrible penalty with a nominal penalty. The family came to mourn his death. It was a big calamity (calamity) after 2 pm on Saturday.

When he started going to his home in Chandigarh in the afternoon, the satsangi relatives told him that today there was an ashram of a saint in a village which is about two kilometers away from the village.

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Will happen. You were listening to satsang. Many families of that village were disciples of Santji. Santji only took prasad in that ashram twice and judged.

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