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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Important Government Decision: BS-6 standard may be applicable for vehicles from October

BS-6 standards will reduce air pollution by 70%, increase vehicle mileage: green and orange stripes on number plates will identify BS-6 vehicles, although BS-4 vehicles will not be removed from the road at present.

The central government has decided to implement the new emission standards BS-6 for each vehicle from October 1. Such vehicles will be identified on the basis of the green and orange stripes on the number plates. Of course, existing BS-4 vehicles will not be removed from the road yet

The BS-6 vehicle will be more expensive, but drivers will also get more mileage from it while air pollution will be reduced by 70 per cent. When BS-6 is applicable for vehicles from October, BS-4 will not be removed

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways announced the notice on Saturday, stating that it would be mandatory to affix an anti-meter wide green stripe on the number plates of petrol-CNG four-wheeler BS-6 vehicles, while diesel vehicles would have an orange stripe.

Experts say manufacturers will have to fit advanced emission control systems into vehicles. Which will reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by up to 25 per cent in diesel vehicles up to 70 per cent in petrol vehicles

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BS-6 vehicles will require 93 octane petrol which is available in major cities of the country including Delhi. BS-6 will also increase the engine capacity of vehicles, reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency, so that people will get the benefit of a higher average.

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