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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

GST returns can now be filled through an SMS, benefiting 22 lakh traders

New Delhi: The government has given a big relief to traders who file Nil Goods and Services Tax (GST) returns every month. Now this trader can file Nil GST monthly return GSTR-3B through one SMS. The central government has launched the new service from Monday.

22 lakh traders will benefit

According to a statement, the new service will benefit 22 lakh registered taxpayers in filing nil GST. Yet these merchants have to log in to their account on the Common Portal each time to file a monthly return. After activating this feature, taxpayers will no longer need to log in to the GST portal to file a nil GST return and returns can be filed through just one SMS.

SMS should be sent to 14409 number

According to the information available on the GST website, the trader can send an SMS to 14409 to file a nil GST return. According to the information received, GSTR-3B form has to be submitted by all the traders whether they are doing any business activities or not. According to the statement, after filing the return via SMS, the trader can confirm by logging on to the GST portal. The entire process of sending SMS is explained on the GST website.

These people will get the benefit of this new service

The taxpayer should be registered as a general taxpayer, casual taxpayer, SEZ unit or SEZ developer.

The taxpayer must have a valid GSTIN number.

Air valid mobile number should be registered on GST portal.

No tax, interest or late fees should be due to the taxpayer for the last period.

GSTR-3B return form should be filed for all the last months.

Fill the return this way based on SMS To avail this facility,

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raders will have to go to the message box of their mobile and type NIL followed by a space followed by a GST number. You will also need to write 3B giving more space. This message should be sent to 5 digit special number 14409. As soon as the message is sent, a one time password i.e. OTP will appear on the mobile number registered during GST registration of the trader. The trader's return will be entered as soon as it is confirmed.

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