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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Good news for employees with a salary of less than 21 thousand! There are many benefits to this government scheme

The lockdown lasted for about 72 days to prevent the spread of corona virus in the country. The country is currently in the 'Unlock 1' stage. The government is taking every necessary step to save the people from the epidemic. In this context, the Central Government has taken some important decisions under the ESIC Scheme to improve health services due to the Kovid 19 epidemic.

According to media reports, ESIC also announced that medical services would not be suspended for employees whose company could not deposit annual lump sum grant due to lockdown. ESIC tweeted that ESIC would allow its beneficiaries to test COVID-19 from an ICMR-accredited lab if needed.

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In addition, the State / Center has posted a Nodal Officer in each ESIC office for better coordination with the Medical Officers. Apart from this all the guidelines issued by the Home Ministry are being followed at ESIC Hospital. According to media reports, the ESIC scheme benefits employees whose monthly salary or income is less than Rs 21,000 and who work in a company with at least 10 employees. Until the first year 2016, the monthly income limit was 15 thousand rupees. Which was increased from 1 January 2017 to 21 thousand rupees.

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