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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Corona's flare-up has been revealed, if this experiment proves to be true, there will be at least 3 cases.

As far as corona virus infection is concerned, most people know that the disease spreads from one infected person to another. Corona patients are more likely to spread the infection through droplets coming out of the nose or mouth when coughing, sneezing or talking. In addition, if these droplets fall on plastic, metal or any other surface, touching that surface also increases the chances of spreading the infection. There have been several studies on how many days a corona virus can survive on a surface, but a new study by the University of London College in Britain has come up with shocking results. It has also been studied for the spread of coronavirus infection.

How many days can a corona virus survive on any surface?

Corona can be spread not only from an infected person but also from an infected surface: Research

The researchers took several samples from 44 locations in the ward in five days

The virus was found to be infected in 50 percent of the samples

Corona can live up to five days on any surface

According to one study, the corona virus can survive on any surface for up to five days and spread further within 10 hours. A new study found a five-day reduction in the likelihood of infection. In this study, the researchers allowed the transition to remain on the bed rails of Britain's Great Ormond Street Hospital, and after 10 hours of in-depth observation and study throughout the hospital, it was found that the transition had spread to every corner of the ward.

Researchers experiment

During the experiment, the researchers used a virus that could not infect humans by artificially infecting plants with a virus taken from the breath of a corona patient. The two viruses were then mixed in a drop of water and left on the bed railing. The virus was then found to be infected in 50 per cent of the samples taken from the hospital.

Sampled from 44 places

The researchers took several samples from 44 locations in the ward in five days. A sample taken 10 hours later revealed that the virus had spread from bed railings, doors or handles, chairs, waiting rooms to books and children's toys. When the samples were taken again three days later, it was found that the virus had spread from 41 percent to 59 percent of the area.

Corona is spread to the hospital through health workers, patients and visitors

The virus is transmitted to the hospital through hospital health workers, patients and visitors. By the third day of the study, 86 percent of the samples were infected. However after five days the transition showed a decrease. According to one of the leading researchers in the study, the study explains how fast the virus can spread from any surface. Clearly, not only is an infected person at risk from coughing, sneezing, or breathing, but touching the eyes, nose, and mouth after a virus has touched an infected surface. He warned that even the slightest negligence in cleaning could be dangerous.

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