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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Attempted attack on Morari Bapu by BJP MLA in Dwarka

Draka: There is a huge protest against Morari Bapu all over the country over his statement about Lord Krishna. Chomer has been protesting after a video of Morari Bapu making comments about Lord Krishna and his brother Balram and family went viral.

A video has surfaced of BJP leader Pabubha Manek attacking Morari Bapu when he arrived in Dwarka on the issue of controversial remarks about Lord Krishna and Yaduvansh.

The whole incident was made live on Facebook by Kanha Vichar Manch. In which Pabubha Manek rubbed on Morari Bapu. However, leaders including Poonam Madam stopped Pabubha from moving towards Morari Bapu. Importantly, Morari Bapu came to Dwarka to apologize after his controversial remarks about Lord Krishna and the Yaduvansh.

When BJP leader Pabubha Manek tried to attack Morari Bapu, who had gone to Dwarka to apologize after a controversial statement on Shri Krishna Bhagwan and his family, there was talk of Pabubha Manek uttering insulting words. Importantly, Ahir Samaj leaders including MP Poonamban Madam were present. Pabubha got annoyed with the controversy and calmed down by stopping Poonam Madam. The meeting was held by Kanha Manch.

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It may be mentioned that in the case of remarks about Lord Krishna and his brother Balram and his family, Kanha Vichar Manch and other organizations were demanding that Morari Bapu come to Dwarka and apologize to God. This whole incident took place when Morari Bapu himself went to apologize to Dwarkadhish to end the controversy over the statement on Krishna.

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