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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

A new rule of paying fees in the financial government announced the schools: No one will be mid, the good news

The new academic session has started from today. At present, not only students but also teachers are being called to the school. Preparations have also been made to teach online courses until the school resumes regularly. The state government will not allow the FRC to increase the fees of any school. In addition, the fee has to be collected every month. In addition, it will work even if you pay the fee for the month of September, not now. Such parents are allowed. Most schools usually charge quarterly, six-monthly and twelve-month fees. Most schools charge a lump sum fee of 6 months. But the government has ruled that it cannot force parents to pay any school fees this year. Parents are also given a waiver to pay the fee every month.

The first schools and colleges in the country were closed amid the Corona epidemic. The country was locked down amid a growing outbreak of the Corona epidemic. Which has since been slowly unlocked in the country. But with two-and-a-half months of work and job closures, not every parent is having trouble running a home, so schools can't push for fees for their children's studies. The decision to start schools will be taken by the education department after consultation with parents, pediatricians, psychologists by the center as well as the state education department. In view of the current situation, the schools and colleges will be reopened after August 15, Union Human Resources Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said in an interview.

Amidst the Corona epidemic in the state, no decision has been taken by the education department to start schools at present. Schools were to reopen on the 8th but are currently closed due to the Corona epidemic. Even in the midst of a lockdown, parents are being pressured to pay their children's fees from schools. Then Chief Minister Vijayarupani said that the government will start schools with the transition to Koro but online studies are also being planned so as not to spoil the studies of students.

Complain to the government if parents are being pressured for fees by schools. The economic condition of the people is not good. That is, the government provides food. How to pay school fees where work has not become regular. If a school pressures parents to pay fees, complain to the government. If a child's old age fee is outstanding, it must be allowed to be paid by October. Will take certain steps. If there is no income due to the tight closure of all the work in the lockdown, there is no way to run the house, where can the children's fees be paid. So no school can force parents to pay fees

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Children's concerns will be put first because coronary heart disease is more common in children. Care will also be taken not to spoil the study. The government also said that the decision would be taken only after consultation with the school administrators on how to run the schools in a way that would not spoil their studies with the lives of the children. The decision will be taken to start schools after the environment becomes clean, which means that the transition to corona is reduced.

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