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Sunday, June 14, 2020

104 bottles of liquor were found in the car of this actress from Bahubali, jail air was consumed

Southern film star and Bahubali actress Ramya Krishnan is currently in police custody. Chennai police seized more than 100 bottles of liquor from his car. Ramya was accompanied by her sister Vinaya at the time. Ramya and her sister were on their way to Chennai from Mamlapuram and the driver of the car was driving. Chennai police stopped his car at a checkpost. Police found 104 bottles of liquor in the car when his car was impounded. Police arrested Ramya and the driver.

Ramya, who was on her way to Chennai from Mahabalipuram, was stopped by the police when she quietly let the police check the car. He was taken fast as he violated the lockdown. However, bottles of liquor were also recovered from his car. The driver was taken by police to Kanathur outpost where he was granted bail. It is said that it was Ramya who released him. Both were granted bail. However, Ramya has not yet commented on the matter.

The 'Baahubali' actress was in trouble, carrying more than 100 bottles of liquor in her car and

Ramya Krishnan, a well-known actress from Southern films and famous for her role as Shivgami in the world-famous superhit Bahubali series, is facing a different kind of trouble. In fact, more than 100 bottles of alcohol were seized from his car on Thursday, June 11. Police nabbed Ramya's driver Selvakumar after seizing bottles of liquor. The news from Chennai has gone viral on social media.

According to the report, at that time the police searched Ramya's car, she was present there. According to the news, while the police were checking the car at the checkpost, Ramya's Toyota Innova car was passing by. However, it is also being said that Ramya fully cooperated in the police checking. Police found bottles of liquor and beer in Ramya's car which were seized.

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It is to be mentioned that after the lockdown, the sale of liquor is still banned in Chennai. Liquor stores are closed and it is illegal to sell alcohol in the city. Police are said to have released Ramya's driver on bail. However, no statement has been issued by Ramya on the matter. It may be mentioned that due to non-opening of liquor shops in Chennai, people are smuggling liquor from the surrounding districts to Chennai for their own use or sale.

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