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Thursday, May 28, 2020

This date in Gujarat is predicted to be bothered by commocomy rain, black-heat

Among the corona maher in Gujarat, people are now referred to due to heat. Then, at the time of the afternoon, no one does not see the moving on the road. Hot winds are having a very bad impact on the people of people blowing. With the lockdown with the lockdown, the arrangement of cold-drinks is not seen anywhere so that people have to face heavy early heat in this corona, while in the state of the state in the state, this in the state, also forecasts such as the Camosi Rain forecasts That is, among the early heat, people are getting the news of relief by the weather department.

However, due to the rain, such that the headquarters of these machines will be wasted, chickpeas and riads are also afraid of the shoulder. Meanwhile, people are becoming a hunting of the weather department, if the heat mothers of the other side are also heat, people are going to be sick, but now this is going to come to a disaster in the state. That is, there is a possibility of a pandemic in the state to corona, heat and other side. On one hand, they have not received the market from the lockeddown of the farmers, and they are now afraid of crops from commisi rainfall among the forecasts of the weather.

Where can you fall in areas?

People facing early heat will be relieved with such commodities in Gujarat, but it can surje the trouble for farmers. The Weather Department predicted that Orange Alt has been announced in Ahmedabad today. But May 29th May 31 May have a normal rain. The state may rain in South Gujarat and Saurashtra. In which South Gujarat may rain in Vapi, Valsad, Daman, Dadra and Nagar Mansion. Apart from this, Navsari, Junagadh, Amreli and Gir-Somnath can have a normal rain. Meanwhile, the weather department has instructed the fishermen for 5 days.

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Low pressure systems in the Arabian Sea can also cause hurricanes

Apart from this, a low pressure system is also being activated in the Arabian Sea from June 1 to 4. According to the Meteorological Department, a cyclonic circulation system is forming in the Arabian Sea over the West Central and South West. This will cause low pressure to rise from the system on May 29 and could turn into a depression in 48 hours and turn into a hurricane. So if this happens, heavy rains may fall in Saurashtra and Gujarat next week. The name of this hurricane may be 'Nisarg'.

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