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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Rajkot will also be open from Monday: Masks, rules including social distance are required.

Even in Jajkot Mahanagar, which is included in the Orange Zone, retail outlets, salons, beauty parlors with 5% staff are to be opened with only a few concessions from the green zone from Monday. With this, after 20-20 days, there is a possibility that Jajkot will be struck. It is understood that the lockdown will be eased in the true sense for the first time on Monday after the state government made more clarifications and announcements this evening.

Most of the 5 cases of cocaine in Rajkot are registered in Jungleshwar Vista. The last dozen cases have come from the Quentin St.'s Summons hostel. Ten days have passed since the case was registered in Vista 2, while the last case was registered in Jungleshwar 2 Vista 2 3 days ago.

Thus, three zones have been declared, namely, Sakade, Green and Orange, but in reality, apart from these three, there are also containment zones. Jangleshwar is also a container area in Jajkot just as it is a containment zone in Ahmedabad. Jungleshwar, Jajalakshmi Society, Sahaka and Jungleshwar have decided to expand the area around the buffalo zone. This means that concessions other than any type of essential service are not currently available in this vista.

More clarification is likely to be made this evening or tomorrow regarding the crowded bells in Rajkot. If the social distance of one to two meats is inevitable, then there is no congestion in the bazaars, but even before giving concessions, a big study has been done. In Jajkot, shops and offices are opening from Monday.

It seems that more and more automobile, gauge, punch shops, footpaths, clothes, food and grocery shops are opening from the saloon. In the guideline of the central government, there are instructions in all zones to close only places where groups gather like malls, multiplexes, public places, schools-colleges, places of worship. The subsequent implementation is to be done by looking at the state of affairs.

Thus, Bharat Sakha has given the same guidance on what not to open in the green zone. Restrictions are still in place in the containment zone. There is also a containment zone in Rajkot. But apart from this, there is a calculation that the vista will be opened subject to certain conditions from Monday.

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