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Monday, May 4, 2020

Gujarat Corona: Another 376 cases were reported in one day, killing 29 people

In the last 24 hours, 376 cases of corona positive have been reported in the state today. So in one day 29 people died due to Corona. While 153 patients underwent corona in one day. Thus the highest number of positive cases reported so far in the state was reported today. Thus the total positive case number of Corona in the state is 5804.

Thus, the total number of corona positive in the state has reached 5804. In which 25 people are on the ventilator. So the condition of 4265 people is stable. And a total of 1195 people have been discharged in the state. So a total of 319 deaths have been caused by the corona.

  Today, 29 people were killed in the state. In Ahmedabad alone, 26 people were killed. While 2 deaths were reported in Vadodara and one patient in Surat. So the shocking thing today is that the primary cause of death of 16 people was corona, while the other 13 people had other diseases.

  So the news of the second relief is that, in one day, 153 people won the battle against Corona. In which 89 people from Ahmedabad and 50 people from Surat beat Corona.

  The help of specialist doctors from private hospitals will be sought for patients in ventilators and critical care. Another medical college has been included in the WHO Solidarity International Clinic Trial. The trial is currently underway in 100 countries. There are four types of drugs being researched. Home Minister Amit Shah and CM Vijay Rupani have also expressed interest in the trial.

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