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Friday, May 8, 2020

Foreign workers try to flee from Jungleshwar area, 14 positive cases in one day in Jamnagar

In Rajkot, all the reports of 132 samples were negative, three patients were discharged

Rajkot District Collector booked 9 trains for workers together

Out of 132 samples in Rajkot, 93 are negative and 39 are pending

In the Jungleshwar area of ​​Rajkot, insisting on going home late at night, about 200 expatriates plucked leaves and jumped some leaves to the river bank. However, after persuasion by the police and the administration, he returned to Jungleshwar. In Jamnagar, on the other hand, seven more cases came positive at night and a total of 14 positive cases were reported in a single day. Meanwhile, after the death of a child in Jamnagar, his report has come positive. Two children have so far died from corona in Jamnagar

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Three more positive cases in Botad

A further three positive cases have been reported in Botad. The report of an 80-year-old man and a 4-year-old girl in the hotspot area of ​​Voravad has come positive. The report of a 20-year-old woman from Voravad ward no. The number of positive cases of corona in Botad district has reached 51 so far. In which 11 people recovered, 2 died and 36 patients are currently undergoing treatment at Salangpur Kovid-19 Hospital. The number of positive cases registered in Bhavnagar has risen to 84. Roshanben Mahmadali Lakhani (U.V.62), a resident of Ambachok area of ​​the city, has received a positive report from Koro. Four more patients have beaten the corona in Bhavnagar today. In which rolling mill owner Kumar Voro has won over Corona. All the four patients have been discharged. A complaint has been registered against a Corona positive patient in Rajkot. The health department has breathed a sigh of relief as all the reports of 132 samples in Rajkot came negative. As well as three patients were discharged recovering.

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