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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Decision to open single and market shops across the district except in multi brands and single brands malls

Rajkot Collector's decision to open single and market shops in all districts except multi-brands and single brands malls outside the limits of Rajkot Municipal Corporation

The worldwide novel coronavirus COVID-I9 is ​​currently being treated worldwide by the World Health Organization.

The Vavik epidemic has been declared. In this regard, the Department of Health and Family Welfare of the State Government

v1.13 / 03RORO 1 92-104 The Gujarat Epidemic Deases, COVID-19 Regulations, 2020

The Gujarat Epidemic Deases, covID-19 Regulations, 2020 from the declaration of 3.12/09/2050

Declared. Order No: 40-3 / 2020-DM-I (A) of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India dated 6/06/2050

All services except essential services have been suspended for 21 days from 9/02/2050.

Also from State Government's declaration no.

Some instructions as well as guides have been issued. Even after that Government of India and Gujarat

Guidelines have been issued by the Government. Effectively addressing the recent epidemic situation

Government of India to control and prevent the spread of COVID-19

Lockdown from Order No: 40-3 / 2020-DM-I (A) dated 12/06/2040 to 09/04/2050 and

Even now the Government of India Order No. 01/03/2050: 40-3 / 2020-DM-I (A) of this lockdown

Status has been extended till 15/07/2050. Of the Central Department of Health and Family and Welfare

A.S. of 30/06/2050 Letter D.0.No, 7.28015 / 19/2020-EMR to the districts of the state

In the RED ZONE (Hotspot), ORANGE ZONE and GREEN ZONE depending on the risk of infection


Provision has been made to keep the activities active or restricted according to the divided zones. Rajkot

Included in ORANGE ZONE.

From the letter dated 30/06/2030 (Introduction 3) of the Health and Family Welfare Department of the Central Government of the district

Order No. 40-3 / 2020 of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India dated 3/06/2050

With regard to DM-I (A), the Government of Gujarat's Home Department, Gandhinagar dated 4/06/2050, Resolution no. SB

1 / KAV / 102020/482 (Part-10) to keep the shops of small and big shopkeepers, business professionals

Decided to allow. According to which even in Rajkot district such small and big shopkeepers, businesses

Notification no. Of this office dated 08/06/2050 to allow traders to continue their shop.

Order has been issued from J / MAG / Corona / Ja.Namu / Fa.No.02 / 5060 (13). Of Rajkot district

If it seems appropriate to give some concessions to the shops / businessmen in the municipal area, this office

Declaration no. Dated 07/09/2050 Done from MAG / Corona / J.Namu / F.No.02 / 5060 (13)

Orders are issued, and the following details are amended. The following shopkeepers / businesses during the lockdown in the entire area of ​​Rajkot district

It is permitted to continue its shop / store subject to the following conditions.

(1) Out of the limits of Rajkot Municipal Corporation registered under the State Shop and Establishment Act.

Except for multi-brand and single brand mall shops, all including market complexes and residential complexes

Shops with a capacity of 50% artisans, with mandatory mac and social distance.

Approving the sale of essential items and medicines etc. within the limits of the Corporation

Shops that have been passed can be continued. Any shop other than that

Cannot be continued.

In the entire area of ​​Rajkot district when any person goes out of the house for any necessary reason

The use of mask / protective cover will be mandatory.

(2) Clarity

(1) E-commerce companies will be able to sell only essential items.

(2) The sale of liquor (permit shop) will be closed.

Tobacco, Pan-Masala, Gutkha, Cigarette etc. shops will be closed.

Spa, tea shop, farsan, food and beverage, sweet shop, restaurant and hotel closed

Will remain.

(3) No shop may be kept open, if necessary, prohibited by a separate order.

In any area of ​​the district which will be declared "Containment Zone" or will be done later

No shops of any kind can be continued.

(2) Sales and Shop and Establishment when the person running the shop moves the shop from home.

A copy of the license / certificate obtained under the Act or a receipt for payment of professional tax and

You have to keep your photo ID with you so that your identity can be easily established. This

So there will be no need for a separate pass.

(2) Wholesale Vegetable Market (APMC) and Milk Dairy through Vegetable and Milk Rack, Chakdo, Bike etc.

Or to hawkers, raked in at homes or in societies obtained from the place of production

This restriction will not apply and they will not require any pass.

Good district administration or capable of carrying out the work as per the instructions of the Government from time to time

Taxis in the inner part of the district and to do what is permitted by the authorities

Cab / rickshaw services will be able to travel with 1- (one) driver and 2- (two) passengers.

(10) Good district administration or capable of carrying out the work as per the instructions of the Government from time to time.

Four in the inner area of ​​the district to do what the satadhikari has allowed

Wheeler (car) motor vehicle use will be allowed. Such a four wheeler (car) used in automobiles, rickshaws

In addition to the driver, a maximum of 3 (two) passengers will be able to travel. Someone behind in a two wheeler

Can't be fixed

(11) That is why the individual manipulates his vehicle with the institutions of local self-government in his area

Its power to use mask / face protective cover and to maintain sole distance

Rue will be able to issue separate orders and take disciplinary action for its violation.

Will be able to.

(12) The time for running the shops was decided by the Incident Commandant keeping in view the local situation.

(12) To keep the shops of the market complex within the limits of the municipality in view of the local situation

INSID Commandant can regulate as he sees fit.


Everyone who comes to the shop has to work to maintain social distance. As well as the applicant

A circle has to be made to maintain the minimum distance. The crowd does not gather above the shop

It will be the shopkeeper's responsibility to see. And for that largely the implementation of the practice of home delivery

Will have to.

Mandatory use of face mask of all person face masks coming to the shop

Will remain. As well as sanitizer must be arranged or soap, water available to clean hands

Must be done as well as cleanliness must be maintained.

(3) If the location of the shop is declared as a hotspot / quarantine in future, it should be closed immediately.

All areas where there is a lot of touch, such as door handles, telephones, railings,

Sodium in places like light switch, wall area and commuter touch pad and keypad

Hypochlorite should be disinvested daily. Disinfection of the main areas from the fabric

Will have to. Don't do that there.

(4) Strict implementation of the instructions of Govt. 12 from time to time by each unit / shopkeeper.

Will be able to.

Employees / workers from the area declared as containment zone by the competent authority in that district

Will not be able to come.

(3) The instructions of the Central Government and the State Government shall be followed.

This order will be applicable in the entire area of ​​Rajkot district including Rajkot city.

-Execution of this order Execution of this order from 04 op060 to the hour of 1908/2010

Will have to.

Section 12 of the Indian Penal Code and Disaster against the person violating this order.

He will be liable to punishment as per the provisions of Management Act, 2006 and Epidemic Diseases Act-12.

Assistant Police to lodge a complaint against Ismo for violating Janernama

Police holding the rank of Commissioner / Deputy Superintendent of Police to Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police

Officers are authorized.

If it is not possible to execute this order personally, a unilateral order is made and

Kukam was advertised in current affairs, in the form of press releases and radio and television, cable TV networks and

By sticking it on the notice board in the offices where people gather and by publishing it in the State Government Gazette.


Must be done, today is May 05, May 2030. My signature and office coin stamping order.

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