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Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Corona's days are over: Israel claims to have made the vaccine; Production started after patent was received

The antibody will kill the corona in the body

The corona virus is causing havoc all over the world. Dangerous Kovid 19 has killed millions of people, yet there is no cure. In such a state of helplessness, Israel's defense minister has claimed that his country has developed a vaccine for the corona virus.

"Israel's Defense Biological Institute has developed a vaccine for Covid-19," Defense Minister Nevply Bennett said in a statement. "Our team has completed the first phase of vaccination to eradicate the corona virus," he said. This information is provided by the Jerusalem Post.

The defense minister, in charge of the research team, said the antibody attacks the corona virus and kills it in the body. "The research institute is preparing to patent and mass-produce antibodies," he said.

Notably, 404,000 corona samples have been tested in Israel so far, and 16,246 of them were found to be infected. Korana has killed 235 people in the country.

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