Empowerment Scheme (SHG) with the support of the National Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (NABARD).

Name of the Scheme This scheme will also be known as "Sakhi Mandal" Self Help Group / SHG and will be implemented in rural areas of the entire state. The duration of the scheme will be from the date of this resolution to the first phase up to 31/1/2010. The scheme will be run by the Integrated Child Development Program (ICDS)

The schemes formed under the scheme will be known as Self Help Groups / SHGs.

This scheme has been implemented in the rural area since 2/2/2007. And it will be implemented till 31st, 2010. Whose duration 03/11/2011 Soghi and then Shoghi will be in effect where the decision is made.

The scheme will be run by the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS).

If the rural poor families are organized in groups and adopt a savings and internal financing approach, their macroeconomic needs can be satisfied.

Organize self-help groups to enable them to provide skill enhancement training, provide internal infrastructure, connect with economic activity, and connect with a revolving funds, bank financing.

With the cooperation of the National Agricultural and Rural Development Bank, a new approach to empowering self-help groups and empower them to engage with bank linkages as a campaign.

Planning Strategy.

NABARD will prepare the consultation with the Rural Development Department for the preparation of necessary data and pamphlets regarding the identification of existing self-help groups, bank linkage, etc.Under this scheme, different types of training will be provided to the members of the committee.

Group Dynamic

Conflict resolution

Leadership Development

Bookkeeping training

Training for economic activity

Under this scheme, incentives are available to Anganwadi workers, ACDPOs, supervisors and CDPOs.

Revolving Fund

The fund constituted under this scheme will be eligible for receiving a revolving fund grant of Rs.5000 / - (at least Rs.

The role of Anganwadi workers, CDPOs, supervisors, banks, lead district managers, voluntary organizations, and NABARD has been decided under the scheme.

The following committees have been constituted under the scheme

District Committee

Member Secretary

Under this scheme, the process of printing the iCard is in progress for issuing the iCard to every member of the congregation.

Sakhi Mandal Planning Guide.