What is the reality of tech YouTuber Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary)?

He has all the money one wants in his life. He just enjoys his life at the fullest with his youtube money coz for other things he has his family business. I personally liked watching him when he was unbiased like 2 yrs ago. But slowly his reality came out. Many YouTubers took a stand against him but no one succeeded as guruji is good at brainwashing people. Well, I was also brainwashed. But nowadays he has become just an influencer, he doesn't review products. He just unboxes the readout the specs and then says it's a good product you can consider buying this blah blah blah. I hate him now. I don't watch his vids, well sometimes I do just for giveaways :p. Personally I believe that if he will continue this bull on youtube then he won't survive long. Indian YouTube community is getting smarter day by day, more and more people are getting to know the real guruji every day. As India is such a huge market more and more new people start watching YouTube and he's getting new viewers just because the viewers see the sub count and believe that he's the best.

I know that It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to making two videos per day, every day. But is it even worth it if you can't even provide quality videos? All his videos are badly edited. It shows that he is after numbers and not after quality content. If you want to compare then just watch a video of MKBHD or even of iGyaan/RevAtlas/C4ETech/Beebom. You will get to know what I am talking about. I personally think that he should stop thinking about quantity and money instead of start making quality videos.

Personally I think another YouTuber who is following guruji’s footsteps is Amit Bhawani. He is also a piece of junk. I respect their knowledge and all but I don't think this giveaway audience is a healthy audience.

And I think some of the best and genuine Tech YouTubers in India are: GeekyRanjit, C4ETech, Tech Burner, iGyaan, Beebom, RevAtlas and Dhananjay Bhosale.