A Brief History About Makarsankranti

Makasankranti festival is famous both at home and abroad. However, the importance of the festival is greater in Gujarat. On January 14 and 15, kite rushes climb across the country early in the morning. But apart from Uttarayan, there are many historical cases connected with the kite, of which very few are unknown. During the British rule in India, the kite was used to convey the message. At that time most of the conversation was transmitted from one place to another on the kite. The first kite in the world was made in China over 2 thousand years ago.

Kite became a messenger for revolutionaries
during British rule In ancient times, the kite was very useful to Indian revolutionaries during British rule. The revolutionaries wrote their message on the kite and sent it to the fighters. Just as we use the Internet today to send a message to someone, at the same time, our messages were sent out to the English people through things including kites. In 1936, Japan created a unique kite. Its craftsmen made a 39-foot-tall and 21-foot-wide kite using 2500 kg of paper. In Japan, the kite became a centre of attraction for people.

The largest kite association in the
The United States, 25 countries combined The United States has the largest kite association in the world. In 1964, Robert Mngraham of New Mexico founded the American Kiteflyers Association. Joining thousands of members from 25 countries with this association, today is the largest organization of knitters in the world. The purpose of the association is to educate people in the art, history, technique and practice of kite-flying and flying. Tourists from all over the US came to attend the Kite Festival held in Ahmedabad in 2013. Since then, kite juices come from countries including the United States, Australia, Canada and London at the Kite Festival every year.

In which country was the first kite made?
Kite juices are found all over the world. But did you know, in what country was the first kite made? According to the information obtained, the world's first kite originated in China approximately 2 thousand years ago. A Chinese farmer tied a hat to a hat to keep his hat from flying in the wind. It is said that a variety of kites have been introduced in India from China to Korea as well as across Asia. At the same time, there are various cultural motives behind flying it. The kite reached Japan in the seventh century by Buddhist monks. They used kites to weaken Satan's power and to protect their fertile crops. During that period, the kite was the most popular in Japan.

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