TRAI will give an opportunity to win 50 thousand rupees, to name and design the scheme

TRAI will give an opportunity to win 50 thousand rupees, to name and design the scheme

New Delhi: Telecom Regulatory TRAI has released a single contest. In this, TRAI has contested the design and name of the government’s public WiFi service. It has been stated in the statement of TRAI that in the name and logo category, the winner will be given a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 (each). Earlier, the government started such a public contest only for the design of Rupees and Clean India. TRAI last year created a portfolio to provide internet connectivity with lower cost.

This ambitious plan has been prepared to increase the reach of broadband in the country especially in rural areas and reduce the Internet penetration cost by 90%. Under this, public data offices (PDOs) on the lines of PCOS are to be set up.

TRAI said that this unique design is an Indian model, which is designed to provide internet service to the people. Which can be easily discoverable. With the help of this scheme, the Government of India, Bharat Net, Bhima, Janhana Yojna scheme will be encouraged.

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Under this scheme, the winners of both the names and the people will be given 50-50 thousand rupees. TRAI says that the purpose behind contesting the design of the logo and name is to include people in the government’s plans. It is noteworthy that in the rural areas of India, broadband connectivity is still a challenge compared to other countries. In April, TRAI Chairman RS Sharma presented a report on the public WiFi Open Pilot Project.

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