Good News for the candidates who want to become a teacher in Gujarat

Good News for the candidates who want to become a teacher in Gujarat

Examinations conducted by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board are getting clear indications of the final week of June. However, due to the absence of a test for a long time, B. Ed. Candidates have been out of age in the examination of TET, while B. Ed. The unemployed youth is waiting for a long time. On the other hand, this exam was delayed due to court mater. So now the government has decided to take the test exam for teachers of standard 9 to 12 in the last week of June.

TET Examination to be a standard 9th to 12th teachers who have long been suspended from Gandhinagar, Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, will be held in the final week of June 2018. This entire competitive examination will be conducted by the State Examination Board, however, the last time the examination was taken in 2014.

There is a large dip in the teachers of Std 9 to 12 in the state government secondary and higher secondary and in the grant-in-aid schools. On the other hand, the responsibility of the examination system for recruitment of teachers in government and granted schools was taken up by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. But due to incomplete policy and negligence of the board, no examination has been taken for the secondary and higher secondary teachers for the last four years. In fact, according to the Indian government's rules, the examination should be conducted twice a year. But in Gujarat, only two examinations have been taken in the last four years.

Young people desiring to become a teacher in government school become depressed against the policy of not taking this examination and millions of youths are waiting for a long time by taking a BA degree. On the other hand, B. Ed. Thousands of young people with a degree have also been terminated for examination. That is, out of the qualification of Tata's examination. That is why his dream of becoming a teacher is over. On the other hand, in the recruitment of cadre teachers for the last two years, there has been a court mater in the matter of inconsistency with regard to the subject and eligibility.

According to the information received, the State Examination Board was entrusted with the responsibility of conducting competitive examination for teachers of Tate Secondary and Higher Secondary Std. 9 to 12 in 2017 on the sluggish policy of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, but after the responsibility of entrusting the State Examination Board to any Reforms to the rules for not being deprived of a qualified candidate's examination or recruitment Rakriya have been revealed by the sources. After this change, the competitive examination of Tat Secondary and Higher Secondary Std 9 to 12 teachers will be held by the end of June.

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