Get A Profit Of Rs 40 Lakh At 1000 Rupees, You Start From Today, This Work

Get A Profit Of Rs 40 Lakh At 1000 Rupees, You Start From Today, This Work.

Everyone's desire to become rich soon and is not so difficult. There are many people in the world including India, who took the real-time step and become millionaires. Now the question arises how will this happen. Today we have brought the answer to this question. Today we will tell you how many people have earned a profit of Rs. 40 lakh on investing 1000 rupees and you still have the opportunity for yourself.

The opportunity to earn millions of rupees in small amounts is currently being found in mutual funds. If you look at the statistics, there are many schemes in the last 20 years, which has earned millions of rupees. Discipline is very important in investing in Mutual Funds as per Experts. However, some investors continue to have questions about the benefits of investing in the long term.

An analysis has found that 15 funds from about 30 equity schemes have performed better than the Nifty 50 index every five years. It includes HDFC Equity, Franklin India, Bluechip, DSP Blackrock Equity, ICICI Pro MultiCap and Reliance Growth Fund.

The Franklin India Prime Fund Scheme was started on November 30, 1993. If you are investing Rs 1000 per month in the scheme from 1 May 1998, today your account will deposit 40,81,710 rupees. This scheme has returned 26.38%.

The scheme of Tata India Tax Saving Fund started on 31 March 1993. On May 1, 1998, the price of 1000 rupees in SIP would be Rs 22,20,080 by April 30, 2018. The return of this scheme is 21.66%.
HDFC Capital Builder Fund, launched on April 29, 1994, has given a return of 21.29 percent. If this scheme of 1 rupee 1998 was launched in 1000 rupees, then today investors could get Rs. 24,98.650.
This scheme of Reliance Growth Fund started on 7 October 1995. This scheme has given 2072% return.


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