Neemuch In the agricultural produce market, the farmers who have registered the sale of garlic for the purpose of transplantation have not yet understood how they will get the benefit. On the other hand, traders have stopped charging high prices after the sale of garlic in Bhavnagar. This does not help farmers too.

The businessman did not seem to have a high bid

From this year the garlic is also being bought by the government. Due to this, Ananda Pawar is reaching Mandi with great expectations. The decision has been taken by the government to procure garlic at the rate of 3200 rupees per quintal from Anandar. In the past, it was decided at the governance level that the rate of variation in the rate of the three mandis would be determined, but later it was amended also. After this, it was decided that the farmers who sell garlic at a price below Rs. 1600 will not be given the benefit of transmigration due to poor quality. But seeing the opposition too, the government decided that the farmers' garlic would be bought at a rate of Rs 3200 per quintal, but the situation has not been clear till date. Knowledgeable experts say that after the announcement of the government to give 3200 rupees to the farmers, the traders have reduced the high prices. The best quality is being sold in high quality, but the prices of others are very low. Farmers are still confused about how much benefits the government is giving them in the future. Due to this, Deputy Director Agriculture NS Rawat said that the produce of the farmers will be sold at any price of Rs 800. Most farmers do not have any information about this. It is a good thing for the farmers that their registration is in transit, so there is nothing to worry about.

More than 20 thousand farmers registered in Bhavantar
According to information received from officials of the Agriculture Department, the government has added garlic and onion in this year. In the future, onion purchase will be done from May 16. For this, the rate of Rs. 800 per quintal has been fixed at the governance level, but it can also get worse in the last moments. At the same time, the procurement of garlic is currently in progress. A total of 30 thousand 416 farmers in the district have registered for selling their produce in Bhavnagar. Among them, there are about 20 thousand farmers who have registered for selling their garlic in Bhavnagar. The rest has registered to sell gram, so, lentil and onion in Bhavnagar. The government's plan will be available only to those farmers who have registered themselves in the prescribed time frame.
At any price, garlic sold will be found 800 rupees

The farmers who have registered themselves for sale of garlic in Bhavnagar will be paid 800 rupees on behalf of the government. Now the farmer's produce will be sold at any price of Rs 800. It is also true that the difference in the value of the government has been fixed at Rs. 3200, but it has been amended later. Now even if the farmer's yield was sold in 3000, he would get 800 rupees of Bhavnagar from the government side.NS Rawat, Deputy Director Agriculture

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