Google will now also help you find jobs in India. In an event held in New Delhi, Google has given information about it. Google has launched the Job Search feature for Indian users. Under this new initiative, the company wants to connect the job seekers and the employers through their platform. Follow our page before knowing the news.

The company has said that it has partnered with many job industries for it. Google gave information about this feature last year, but now it has been launched for all users. Despite job postings happening on websites, newspayers and notice boards, Google wants that its job search feature becomes a primary destination for job seekers.

Let us know that through this feature, users can search jobs according to their needs and skills. Through the new features, Google wants users to find jobs faster and easier. With the help of this new feature, a job seeker can search jobs by entering keywords like jobs near me and jobs for freshers.

You can find such a job

1.Now you will open a new dashboard of Google as soon as you write jobs or fresher or similar keywords in Google search.

2. Here you will see a list of jobs and you can apply for a job by clicking here. Many options will appear in front of you once you click for a job vacancy.

3. The first job will be written about, information about qualification, information on what website is available.

4. There will be an option for service so that you can see it later. The application means that the website will open when clicking on the application where this job has been posted. For example, if Job is listed on Shine, you will have to go to that website to apply.

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