Insurance Policy Is Required To Link To Support, This Is Easy Promotion New Policy

Insurance Policy Is Required To Link To Support, This Is Easy Promotion New Policy

➤ If you have any insurance policy, link it to support soon, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) has made it mandatory to link the support to the policy.

➤Now if someone wants a new policy then it will also have to provide a support number. This has been made mandatory under the Prevention of Money Laundering Second Amendment Rules 2017. There are currently 24 life insurance companies and 33 general insurance companies working in the country.

 ➤If you have a registration in a policy company, you can log in to the Customer Service port and add your own support database. If you do not have your online registration, you can learn full production from the insurance company's website and complete the process.

➤Shortly before, it has compelled RBI to link support to bank accounts. IRDAI has also taken this step. However, the Supreme Court has made it clear that the base is not a legal document. The final decision in the Supreme Court is yet to be taken on basis of support mandatory.

➤Pen, mobile has also been made mandatory
Aadhaar card has already been mandated to link to the Permanent Account Number (PAN), Bank Account and Mobile Number. All insurers must link to the PAN. If you do not do this then you can not claim a payment.

➤In this, the policyholder will need a support number with policy number, date of birth, pen, e-mail ID and mobile number. After this procedure, verification will be done by the OTP. The process will be completed after the OTP filing. You can also process this by going to the insurance company's branch.

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